Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Feb 12, 2010

Winter Olympics Open in Canada Today

Happy Winter Olympics 2010!

Today, the Olympics open in Vancouver - a funny place to have the Winter Olympics in February, as right now it's springtime on Canada's west coast.

We have fond memories of the temperate rainforest climate of Vancouver from when we lived in there in the late 90s - crocuses would be in full bloom by mid-February, with the cherry blossoms following soon afterwards. So the international athletes who are anticipating a snowy, cold landscape in Canada will get quite a surprise in balmy Vancouver!

The Olympic furor has hit Canada in many ways, from sales of colourful Olympic mittens (see photos - mittens courtesy of my mum) to the creation of special websites detailing when different regions' athletes are competing. Click here to see the list of competition times for Saskatchewan's Olympians. And check out the Canadian Olympic stamps - more are scheduled for release on February 22.  

Even Gryffin is in the Olympic spirit (sort of)...in the photo, he's wearing a Canadian Olympic Team scarf from the last winter Olympics, although he doesn't really look like he's enjoying it. However, he definitely did enjoy our new Olympic mittens - he sampled their enticing fuzziness earlier and declared them fit to wear.

If we Canadians are experts in anything, it's winter...so go, Canada, go in this year's Winter Olympics! :-)

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  1. I really like those mittens. Its too bad the weather isnt very winterlike in Vancouver, since we have plenty of winter here in Denmark, so much snow that the snowman we made on Christmas eve is still standing outside our Kitchen window. Its been almost minus 10 degrees Celsius at night for two months now, and minus 5 degrees during the day, something very rare in Denmark. But I am liking it, just not liking the bill for the heating up the house this winter.