Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Apr 3, 2011

Registries Online - Our Baby / Nursery Wish Lists

Updated July 18th.
Whew! After weeks of browsing whenever we could get to a city, and comparison shopping, and researching safety issues and features (hey, it's how we shop!) we finally have set up a registry or two, to help our many sweet friends and relatives who wish to participate in our preparing for August's arrival of Baby Golding Page. Thank you all!

We have a registry with Toys-R-Us (very good website, and free shipping for qualifying orders, important given where we live). Search for last-name "Golding Page" to find us.

We also set up a short one with Sears (short because we have lots of complaints about the awful Sears website!) Search for last-name "Golding Page" to find us. We have a Sears parcel-pickup in Hudson Bay. This registry unfortunately does not automatically update itself - so if you purchase something from it, please let us know and we will do a manual update.

Both registries can be accessed online or in the stores.

Below, we list other things that we'll need, but that did not make sense to add to a Registry. After all, we need things like bibs (well, not us personally, we're not quite that messy), and we hope you will use your creativity rather than have us pick the exact ones!

Some notes to keep in mind:
  • We won't know whether it's a boy or a girl until birth
  • Here's a list of what we already have for Baby / Nursery
  • Our Nursery d├ęcor theme is Noah's Ark
  • We love bright colours - primary colours are not just for children, we believe!
  • In clothing, we love the (bilingual) Gagou Tagou line of clothes and linens (from Babies R Us and The Bay)
  • Our mid-August due date is "late summer" in our neck of the woods; the trees will be bare within a month. Baby's first 6 - 9 months will be mostly fall and winter.
Since our baby won't be arriving with a suitcase full of clothes, we'd love your help in giving them a wardrobe! To see what we already have for clothing, and in which sizes, click here. Some things we still need are in the following categories - especially in 6 month and up sizes, as we have mostly newborn to 3 month sizes so far:
  • Onesies, rompers, bodysuits (with snaps)
  • one-piece footed outfits
  • a fancier outfit or two - after all, this child will be going to church lots ;-)
  • nightgowns with elastic bottoms
  • blanket sleepers
  • sweaters
  • hats / caps (heavier for the coming prairie fall & winter)
  • bunting or snowsuit with attached mitts
Some other items we are especially interested in are:
  • Aitken's Pewter baby mug
  • Dr Seuss books (we have Oh, the Places You'll Go, The Cat in the Hat and Are You my Mother?)
  • An outfit from PEI's COWS store chain (also found in Banff, etc.)
  • Some waterproof pads
  • Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag
  • A few burp cloths
  • Pocket-style or all-in-one reusable cloth diapers (the one-size option)
  • Mild, HE laundry detergent with as few additives as possible (e.g High Efficiency Sunlight Sensitive Skin (in a white bottle) 
  • Strap-on soft carrier or sling
Thank you to everyone who has already asked about how they can help outfit us (I mean Baby!) And thank you in advance to all of you!
-S, J and TBD