Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Oct 12, 2010

Good Mail Day - by Julie

Since I found my first penpal at the age of 10, I've always loved getting mail. And today was a particularly good mail day. :-)

When I went to the post office and unlocked the post box today, I found a fistful of letters. Here are some of them, from places as far-flung as Wyoming & Illinois (USA), and Oslo (Norway).

Besides that, my mail stash contained the year's first (gulp!) Christmas cards. Kudos to my far-ahead-thinking friends in England and Norway! And thanks for prodding us into card-making mode, so we can get our 300 Christmas cards made and mailed in good time.

I love all the mail I get, but today the pièce de résistance and winner of the "most exotic" award had to be this letter from my friend, Anna, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Check out the photo envelope - isn't that cool? And there's even a Russian stamp honouring the Vancouver Olympics.
Was today a good mail day for you, too? Why not write a letter, post card or greeting card and give someone else a good mail day? I'm off to write letters for the rest of the afternoon...see you at the post office!

Our Radio Talks for Sept 27-30

Here are our final 5-minute radio talks for September. We'd love to read your comments - just leave one below.

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