Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Feb 2, 2010

Like Riding a Bicycle?

How humbling to see skills get rusty!

I've started a new programming project, and the logical choice was to write my new computer software in the Java programming language. Back in the day, in my first career, I could program in Java in my sleep (in fact, I twice solved perplexing real-world programming problems in a dream, and the solution worked when I awoke!).

Great idea, except I've not touched Java since June, 2003, when I left Syntact Consulting. And in those 6 and a half years, most of what I knew faded into the dusty corners of my brain. So when I look at the results of my first 6 or so hours of effort, it's humbling to think that I once could have done that much in 30 minutes.

Of course, I've not let all the skills rust; I keep active as webmaster for the diocesan website and a monthly Anglican newspaper, and I've written a couple database programs in MS-Access, one for Julie to organize her thousands of letters from her hundreds of penpals, and one for my obsession with counting the number of times I listen to each CD.

And the Java skills are coming back. The dust is being brushed off. I do still remember how to ride that bicycle. I just have a couple skinned knees, that's all.


  1. That's how I feel about Greek! I might have to hop onto the tricycle for a bit first! :-)

  2. "Plaid Eggnog" blog #1 hit on Google when you search both words together. Unfortunately it doesn't show up on the first couple of pages on Bing or Yahoo search. Go figure.

    And yes, I have better things to do but I needed a mental break from the Revit Love-in...

    Tell ever ready Grif-Vac one of his Food Dispensers says hi...

    Lost in the West

  3. Wow, you are talented! It will come back to you :)