Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Aug 19, 2011

Busy Gift Week for Anastasia

Phew, Anastasia has been popular in her first week since birth! Let us show you a few things that have arrived....

First, Anne in Finland sent a set of Moomin character items. Moomin is a super-popular children's series there - so cute and fun!

Next, Liliana's parcel arrived from Poland, with this lovely assortment of clothes for all seasons. Our faves were the cool hats and Barbapapa socks - anybody else remember Barbapapa cartoons from the early 80s?

Then came Ellen's gift from Kansas - a beautiful, cross-stitched bib and towel in the Noah's Ark theme. 
Great-Aunt Ruby's parcel came from New Brunswick this week, too - check out the nice book and cute (and practical) nightshirts.
That's not all! Some gifts also arrived from folks right here in Saskatchewan. This pretty outfit came from Sharon and Ted. St. Patrick's Church bought us a change table; Eric, Andrea & Anya gave us some children's medicines; Lynne & Neil brought a gift certificate for take-out along with some delicious home baking; Caron, Dora & Joyce and Gethin brought us a couple of yummy suppers to spare us cooking time; and Bishop Michael and the Diocese sent a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen red-tipped yellow roses that garnered wondering stares from hospital staff. 

And finally, Mummy and Daddy bought Anastasia her first "girl" outfit - in a summery strawberry print befitting a summertime baby. Wonder what next week will bring to little Anastasia??

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