Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Mar 6, 2010

There's a Zombie on my lawn

Our blog has been on the serious side lately, so let us lighten things up...by telling you about our new computer game addiction! ;-) It's called Plants vs. Zombies.

Before you think we've lost our minds, let us explain...the game is decidedly NOT one of those violent, bloody ones, despite the involvement of zombies. Instead, you protect your house by fending off a variety of cartoon zombies (football players, zamboni drivers, bobsledders, etc.). With what weapons, you might ask? Why, plants like sunflowers that bop in time to the music, of course, and pea-shooters that clobber the undead with - you guessed it! - peas (either fresh or frozen). And all with an over-the-top cuteness factor. (And a serious addiction factor too!)

At the end of 50 adventure levels, you're treated to a music video called "There's a zombie on my lawn" which gets into your head just a little less stickily than "Achy Breaky Heart" did in years past. The song is sung by one of the smiling sunflowers, standing on a stage on your now-protected lawn, playing to a crowd of happy-as-they-get zombies. You can get a sneak-peak on the website, by clicking on Videos / Music Video.

Then there are all the puzzles that you unlock by being successful in the adventure levels. Who could forget wall-nut zombie bowling, or beghouled? If you love puns, you'll love this game!

We haven't found a game in years that amused, absorbed or made us laugh as much as this one does. And it only cost us $20 US, when we picked it up on our recent trip to North Dakota. You can also buy it online. Why not try a free download and let us know how you like it?

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