Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Sep 29, 2011

Baby Shower in Hudson Bay

The ladies from St. Patrick's Church here in Hudson Bay put on a co-ed shower for us earlier this week. A few of the guys told us it was their first-ever baby shower. (Isn't little Anastasia hospitable already?)

Here are the gifts that Anastasia received...

Stacey and Mya brought this cute elephant toy & blanket combo, along with the tie-dye-style hat. They know that the Golding Page household is a colourful one! :-)

Iola brought this gift of practical items that Baby will need.

Michelle gave us this frame (perfect for amateur photographers like us) and a pretty outfit. Don't you wish Carters made clothing for Big People, too?

Leah and family brought Anastasia a rubber ducky (everyone needs one, right?) and these books. They must know we are a bookish bunch...

Ray, Karen and Tyler gave Anastasia these nice little ensembles. Again, don't you wish the baby clothes manufacturers also made clothes for adults?

Lynne and Neil brought this book to keep school memories in - Julie had one of these as a child and loved looking at it as she grew up. And Lynne cross-stitched some personalized bibs for Baby, too.

Shirley gave Anastasia this beautiful bear blanket. We think it was homemade, making it even more special! Maybe Shirley will confirm that for us...

Kathy brought this sleeper and doggie book-toy. Everyone at the shower had to try out the toy, so it is already a hit!

Gifts were wrapped in all sorts of fancy papers and bags. Here is a selection of a few of them...

But back to the gifts...Anastasia also received some presents in the form of money, from Henry, Sandra, Paul, Caron, Dora, Joyce, Rob, Rae, Cheryl and Madison. Now she can start her own bank account. :-)

Laurel brought this corduroy suit (just right for the coming autumn), plus a pretty hooded towel.

Lexy, Harold and Chandra gave Anastasia this handsome outfit. It's so nice to see blue, as it's very unusual to find anything blue for a girl.

Ida and David brought this lovely patterned sweater, made in Peru. Don't you love the fun pattern?

And last but not least, Gail & Jeanette gave us a whole bin of items, both decorative and practical. How many different things can you find and name in the photo?

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