Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Welcome to Plaid Eggnog!

Sep 25, 2010

More of our 5-minute Radio Talks

Whew, life has been busy lately! We've logged almost 3000 km of work travel so far this month, so our blogging has unfortunately been one of the things to go.

But here we are, at last, with the past 2 weeks of our 5-minute radio talks:

Walking and leaping - Sept 13 (by Steve)
How to be an expert - Sept 14 (by Julie)
Pretend supporters - Sept 15 (by Steve)
Wise and smart - Sept 16 (by Steve)
Churches sometimes fight - Sept 17 (by Steve)

Using our talents for God - Sept 20 (by Julie)
Our time can count - Sept 21 (by Julie)
Ananias overcomes fear - Sept 22 (by Julie)
Tabitha uses her talents - Sept 23 (by Julie)
GPS-like directions - Sept 24 (by Steve)

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